If you’re considering a visit to McConnell Road Baptist, you may be wondering, what kind of church we are:

We’re Baptist in our church polity

That means that we hold to historic Baptist distinctives, such as:

  • Biblical authority — the Bible is sufficient as the source of faith and practice.
  • Autonomy of the local church — the church makes decisions independent of outside organizations
  • Priesthood of the Believers — Jesus is the only mediator needed between God and man
  • Two Ordinances — Jesus ordained baptism and the Lord’s Supper for the church
  • Individual Soul Liberty — individuals are responsible to God
  • Saved Church Membership — the local church should be made up of people who live and profess faith in Jesus
  • Two Offices — the Bible ordains and provides qualifications for pastors and deacons
  • Separation of Church & State — the local church is on a unique mission for God

We’re fundamental in our doctrine

That means that we hold strongly to these fundamental doctrines:

  • Deity of Christ — Jesus is, was, and will always be God
  • Virgin Birth — Jesus was born as a man through a miracle of God
  • Blood Atonement — Jesus shed His blood in the place of sinful men; His blood is necessary for salvation
  • Bodily Resurrection — Jesus literally died and three days later rose from the dead and walked among His disciples
  • Inerrancy of Scripture — The Bible is completely accurate, fully dependable, and always sufficient

We’re traditional in our church practice

That means you’re likely to find a more traditional or conservative style of music and worship service. We dedicate a significant portion of each service to the reading and preaching of God’s Word. We will sometimes sing southern gospel and contemporary songs, but most of the time we are singing more traditional hymns.

We’re a community and family church by design

We strive to be a growing and vibrant church with spiritual life. Yet we also want to be a place where you can know most of the people, have a relationship with the pastor, and get your whole family involved.