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Jeff Reese Family0January 21, 2018Details
Prayer for James Ford0December 28, 2017Details
Pray for Dean Cundall0December 23, 2017Details

Jeff Reese Family

***i want to remain anonymous**** Please pray for Jeff and his family. Tanya has been sick with the flu and now strep and Jeff is trying to recover from his injury. Prayer and if anyone would like to assist with meals. I am not sure they would ask for help but I think they would appreciate it.

Prayer for James Ford

I am asking for special prayer for James Ford, father-in-law to Mark Ridge our Choir Director. He has had some surgery and is having some trouble recuperating from it. Please join our church in praying for his health and restoring of his spirit! God is faithful and we believe He is still in the healing business!

Pray for Dean Cundall

Matthew Tilley
He's recovering from some mini strokes earlier this week.
Thank you for lifting up this request in prayer.

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