The McConnell Road Baptist Church property may only be used to host a wedding ceremony and any of the related functions if all of the following qualifications are met:

  1. The wedding ceremony and the bride and groom are in agreement with the church’s current constitution and bylaws and any related policies, including, but not limited to:
    • The wedding must be between a man and a woman.
    • The wedding must be performed by an ordained pastor of like faith.
    • The music, ceremony, and related activities must be performed in a Christian, Christ-honoring manner.
    • The activities must respect and abide by the general policies for using the church facilities.
  2. The bride and/or the groom are either:
    • Members of McConnell Road Baptist Church in good standing who have participated in pre-marital counseling as recommended by the pastor.
    • Members of a church or churches of like faith in good standing with the approval of all of the pastors involved. “Like faith” means specifically that the church has a statement of faith that is very similar to the McConnell Road Baptist Church statement of faith. The bride and groom would be subject to any recommendations and requirements their pastor(s) might impose as a condition of approval.
  3. The pastor of McConnell Road Baptist Church approves of the participants, the ceremony, and the related activities.

No fee will be required, though donations to the church will be accepted. 

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This operating procedure was approved by the MRBC leadership on 8/17/2020.