AWANA Clubs run from September through May on Wednesday Nights from 6:45-8:00pm. Each week includes Bible verse memorization, lessons from God’s word, and fun competition.

AWANA is open to all members of the community and children in Pre-K up through 6th grade.  

What happens in AWANA?

  • Opening Ceremony – AWANA starts with an opening ceremony where they say pledges to the flags and be inspired to go learn.
  • Class Time — This is the heart and soul of AWANA where clubbers memorize scripture, learn how to apply it to their lives, and work through their club book to achieve merit awards.
  • Game Time — AWANA games are not just fun but also help to teach each kid sportsmanship, teamwork, and build confidence.

AWANA is a ministry of MRBC to helps parents raise children to know, love and serve Jesus Christ. It’s a Bible-based program centered on the gospel that makes scripture memorization fun.

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